Laurier Milton Lecture Series

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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Get out of Your Own Way: Canada and the UN Aichi Biodiversity Targets Fallout
Dr. Christopher Lemieux, Faculty of Arts

Canada is in the midst of a marine biodiversity crisis. Overfishing, marine mismanagement, rising water temperatures and ship traffic are negatively impacting marine ecosystems. In response, the Canadian government committed to the international Aichi Biodiversity Target of protecting 10% of our marine and coastal areas by 2020. In summer 2019, the Trudeau government declared that it had achieved this target. Or so it seems. Dr. Christopher Lemieux will dive in and discuss what’s being done and if Canada may be exploiting a loophole
Event Type(s): Adults and Seniors
Age Group(s): Adults (18+), Seniors (55+)